Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quilting Arts at Carola's Quilt Shop

Quilting is so much more than a soft and cozy quilt.
Quilting can be an artistic expression of our creative side.
There is an artist in all of us.

Everyday we see beauty around us and wish we could capture it and interperet it in cloth and fibre.
A sunrise bursting with magnificent colours, autumn leaves, a flower bouquet or a photograph of your grandchild, all can be the inspiration for your next sewing project.
Our Quilting Arts groups are exploring the capabilities of our sewing machines. Our machines are "tool boxes" full of stitches.
Simple stitches (straight and zig-zag) can used in combination with everyday and exotic threads, needles, presser feet, notions, fibres and fabrics can create texture & three dimensional effects.
Have you ever wondered if you will ever use all those "fancy stitches" that came with your sewing machine? A wall hanging or even a baby quilt is the perfect place to test them out.
Along the journey you will discover which threads, needles, machine feet and tension settings make it all so much fun.
In our Quilting Arts Group we work with silk ribbon in the bobbin, attach free motion, beads to the fabric, create wavy seams with ease, "no stuff" trapunto and make cedar boughs with only thread on water soluble stabilizer. And that's only the beginning. Best of all are, the friends to play with, who bring their own ideas, encouragement and support. Yes, Quilting Arts is a passion. Join us!

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