Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tomato Pin Cushion

Until two years ago I was so proud of my good eye sight. I could easily read the needle size on the top of at sewing machine needle. No More!

This is where the tomato pin cushion come in. Have you noticed that a tomato pin cushion is divided into segments by green floss?
Take out your "ultra fine" permanent marker and mark each segment with the different needle sizes; 60,70,80,90 etc. sizes you most commonly use. Instead of returning a "used" sewing needle back into it's packet, place the needle in the appropriately marked segment of your tomato pin cushion. By the way, you should never return a used needle to it's original package because you don't want to mistakenly pull out what you think is a "new" needle only to discover it is dull or damaged.

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